2015, BahamasIt has been over a week since I got back from Bahamas, and I can still feel the sun on my skin. It was not my first time in the Caribbean, but it was certainly one of the most memorable visits of all.

I was travelling from Prague, Czech Republic. The easiest way I found, was to take a flight to London Heathrow Airport, and then direct flight from Heathrow to Nassau International Airport.

Transport from the airport to the hotel

A friend of mine – my company for the trip, was already waiting for me at the airport. Heading to Atlantis, Paradise Island, you can always manage to rent a car, but I think the most convenient is to book a transfer or to get a taxi. Easy!

Atlantis Hotels

Atlantis is truly like a mythical ocean paradise and there are different accommodation possibilities, including the Royal Towers, the Coral Towers, the Beach Tower, the Cove Atlantis, and the Reef Atlantis. Whatever choices you make, all of these are luxurious facilities offering high-end services. We decided for the Cove Atlantis – personally I think this place is quieter than the others. From here our steps led to the Atlantis gardens, later also to the One&Only Ocean Club and its fabulous golf course.

One&Only Ocean Club

This top class club well known from 007 movie Casino Royal (2006) is on the top of the priority list when it comes to places to visit. It is definitely worth it. Very restful and absolutely beautiful, a perfect getaway, located on the eastern end of Paradise Island.

  IMG_3226 IMG_3219 IMG_3222

IMG_3225  IMG_3223

We arrived to Atlantis sometime in the afternoon, so, it was rather late for a golf round or for diving. And I had been missing dolphins so much. I decided to take a walk in the Atlantis garden to see them. I simply love these amazing creatures, although my view on different dolphins aqua centres has changed over the past year. Some of my friends wanted to go for a swim with them, but I convinced them not to.

Next day – Golf day

The next morning we finally had the chance to see the One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course. And to play, of course. This golf course left me speechless. I was amazed and I fell in love with the green all over again. Lucky enough, I could play more than one round on this beauty.

 2015, Bahamas, One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course, ready to join me for a round?  2015, Bahamas, One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course

2015, Bahamas, One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course, see our destinations for Custom made holidays!

2015, Bahamas, Famous 4th hole at the One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course  2015, Bahamas, One&Only Ocean Club Golf Course

Diving in Bahamas

I love diving, obviously. Diving is a must for me in Bahamas. This is one of the best places to dive to see and feed sharks. I did Shark Feeder course here two years ago, and I easily fell for the place (and sharks!). If you ever get to Bahamas, and you want to experience the close presence of sharks, don’t hesitate to ask me for some diving tips. I can easily set up a tailor-made trip for you, too.

Bahamas has some of the most shark-infested beaches, one of them has been ranked among the top 10 in the world. There is a high concentration of reef sharks and sand sharks, also hammerheads, tiger sharks, bull sharks and blacktips. I’d seen most of them on this trip, and the 10-day journey was soon over. It is true what they say, time flies when you´re having fun. Never mind! I am already planning my next travel. In November I would like to continue in diving with tiger sharks, this time at the popular area known as Tiger Beach (West End, Grand Bahama Island).

2015, Bahamas, diving with friends, and the shark

2015, Bahamas, with shark feeder Daniel De Sá Freire from Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures   2015, Bahamas

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What else is new?

I am glad you are asking.

This website is!

I am so proud to present my passion for travel, golf and diving in this new project. Please, be patient, we are still building up the site content, mainly adding packages and destinations to the main database.

One more thing: I have also successfully completed SSI Stress & Rescue program. Yes, I am working on my education – one step at a time.

Thanks everyone for checking out the website, and for reading my FIRST BLOG EVER.

Have an amazing day (it´s an order) and do not forget to…


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